About us

Amyal Cargo is a private company established in 2013, Provide customers Air and sea freight services from Dubai to all over the worldWhen it comes to our customers, we are keen on understanding our customer requirements well , to provide the appropriate freight services for them with high quality through our long experience in the field because we strive to provide the best to satisfy all customers through providing professional services that suit them.

Our vision

Our vision lies in pioneering and excellence in achieving a world-class transport industry and seeking to develop efficient and safe air and sea transport services, which contributes strongly to economic growth and environmental stability. Amyal Cargo is not only limited to freight services, but also includes providing advices on all shipping related matters, as well as receiving financial transfers to satisfy clients’ needs from outside the UAE with credibility and transparency that satisfy customers and increase their confidence.

Our Mission

We always strive to provide the best shipping services, the most accurate and reliable, we are keen to satisfy our customers, and respect their privacy by providing services dedicated to them with higher guarantees than others, because we are fully aware that our customers are our partners in the success.


Our goal is customer comfortability through taking care of their shipping things at excellent prices that suitable for everyone , because we believe that our customers satisfaction relys on safety of shipment with the speed of arrival .

Our values

Of course , what link all this together is our ongoing commitment to the customers we work for and the partners we work with because we believe that our strength is always to develop close relationships between us that seek to provide the best services in this industry. Despite the stress and complexity of our work, we have never neglect to put our customers’ personal and professional requirments at the heart of everything we do.